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Kyle Fogg earns MVP, Championship in The Basketball Tournament

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Congrats to the former Wildcat on dominating this tournament again

Colorado v Arizona - Championship Photo by Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

For the second year in a row, Kyle Fogg and his Overseas Elite team won The Basketball Tournament.

Last year, the shared winnings were $1 million. This year, $2 million was on the line, and Fogg will be taking home $174,000 of it.

Fogg was also named the tournament’s MVP:

After the game, Fogg said that he’ll be using this money to furnish the house he helped his mom buy with last year’s winnings.

Overseas Elite was trailing Team Colorado by a ton at halftime, but quickly made it a game in the second half. It was pretty much a back-and-forth affair for the final ten minutes or so.

Of course, Fogg put the game on ice, hitting six crucial free throws to close out the 77-72 victory.

This is your yearly reminder that Fogg is a great human being, and is well-liked by the Arizona community.