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Arizona basketball: Allonzo Trier failed test for performance-enhancing drug, can play once it’s out of his system, per ESPN

The reason for Trier’s suspension has finally leaked

NCAA Basketball: Arizona State at Arizona Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

Allonzo Trier has been prevented from suiting up for the Arizona Wildcats this season, and the reasoning for it was never specified.

Until now.

ESPN’s Jeff Goodman reports the sophomore guard’s suspension stems from a failed test for a performance-enhancing drug.

Trier reportedly failed a drug test in September, and the UA was notified about it in October.

Subsequently, Trier was suspended, but he won the appeal and has been cleared by the NCAA to return. However, the drug has to be completely out of his system before he can play, reports Goodman. This is something that the NCAA has done before.

Trier has reportedly been tested continually since September and the level of the drug has decreased, but is still present in his system, therefore delaying his return.

Essentially, this clears up the reason for Trier’s absence, but his return date is still unknown as it is unclear if the drug will be out of his system entirely by season’s end.

At least one part of the mystery has been solved, though.


Trier has issued a statement which confirmed many of the details in Goodman’s report.

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