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Arizona basketball: Rawle Alkins gets his driver’s license

Apparently he’s a good driver in more ways than one.

Arizona State v Arizona Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Rawle Alkins has been driving to the rim all season, and now he can drive away from the basketball court, too.

The Arizona Wildcats guard announced Saturday afternoon that he got his driver’s license.

Earlier in the month, Alkins discussed the differences between Tucson and New York, and — aside from weather — one of the biggest changes is that driving places is much more prevalent in Tucson.

In New York, Alkins took the bus or the train to get places and therefore never really needed to get his license.

Consequently, when he got to Tucson he was having to Uber everywhere, so he started practicing his driving late at night around the UA and evidently it paid off.

And now that Alkins is officially licensed to drive, he once again assured fellow Tucsonans that there’s nothing to worry about with him on the road.

The “streets are safe with me,” Alkins tweeted.

Apparently he’s a good driver in more ways than one.

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