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Brandon Randolph wins Red-Blue Game dunk contest

This Arizona team has a ton of athletes

Mataro All-Stars v Arizona Photo by Alex Caparros/Getty Images

Prior to the Arizona Wildcats’ Red-Blue scrimmage, five Wildcats showed off their athleticism in a scintillating dunk contest.

Nobody dunked over Sean Miller this year, but there were still some impressive displays nonetheless.

Ira Lee and Brandon Randolph both scored 95s in the first two rounds, setting up one final round after the sold-out crowd chanted “one more dunk.”

Randolph then won it with a windmill after catching a pass off the glass.

Here are highlights from the event. A more in-depth recap is below.

The judges

  • UA athletic director Dave Heeke
  • UA women’s basketball coach Adia Barnes
  • Mascots Wilbur and Wilma
  • ZonaZoo president

The contestants

  • Brandon Randolph
  • Ira Lee
  • Keanu Pinder
  • Deandre Ayton
  • Alex Barcello

Round 1

  • Ira Lee started things off with a double clutch reverse jam, while wearing a Khalil Tate jersey.
  • Brandon Randolph had a windmill dunk.
  • Keanu Pinder had a 360 off a bounce after two failed attempts.
  • Deandre Ayton had a windmill of his own.
  • Barcello tossed the ball off the side of the backboard, caught it, then finished a with a windmill. It took him a couple tries to execute it.

Round 2

  • Ira Lee dunked over 7-footers Ayton and Chase Jeter, earning a perfect score.
  • Brandon Randolph grabbed the ball off a student manager’s head while in mid-air and finished with a windmill. Ridiculous display of athleticism.
  • Keanu Pinder failed his attempt.
  • Ayton did a 360 cradle dunk, but didn’t score high enough to stay alive.
  • Barcello did a pretty basic reverse off a high-bouncing ball.

Randolph and Lee made it to a tie-breaking round.

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