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Lonzo Ball not worried about what his dad LaVar says

This is probably the only thing to say.

NCAA Basketball: UCLA at Arizona Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

Lonzo Ball’s dad has been in the news more than Lonzo himself recently, which is kind of ridiculous considering the UCLA Bruins guard is a possible No. 1 overall NBA Draft pick this year.

LaVar Ball is doing a good job hyping up his son, which, all things considered, is totally expected from a parent if you really step back and think about it.

Most recently, LaVar appeared on Tucson radio station AM 1290 before UCLA’s showdown with the Arizona Wildcats, saying among other things that his son would only play for the Lakers at the next level.

LaVar has since walked those comments back, but his son Lonzo was still asked about it after UCLA’s 77-72 win in Tucson.

“No it’s not distracting,” Lonzo stated. “I just go out there and play basketball.”

“All I do is go out and play basketball,” he reiterated.

There are probably plenty of behind-the-scenes family talks that the public won’t be privy to until LaVar talks about them somewhere, but Lonzo surely isn’t going to talk about them.

He has roughly ten games left in college, so I can’t imagine that he’ll let what his dad says impact what’s going on inside the locker room and on the court.