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Arizona vs. Oregon game predictions

Who will win the biggest game of the Pac-12 season?

NCAA Basketball: Oregon at Arizona Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

The Arizona Wildcats and Oregon Ducks only meet once during the regular season, and it comes Saturday afternoon in Eugene.

Arizona enters the contest 10-0 in conference, while the Ducks are 9-1, having lost to Colorado last weekend. It’s tight, but Arizona has the statistical advantage across the board in this one.

But will they get out of Eugene with a win and essentially lock up the Pac-12 race? Here are our predictions on this game:

Alec Sills-Trausch: Dillon Brooks, knowing he’s on ESPN this weekend, snuck into Oregon’s theater classes this week in hopes of upping his epic flop to a new level against U of A. I’m not sure how much greater it can get but I’m ready. Oh, you were looking for a score?

Umm, 62-56 Arizona.

Ryan Kelapire: Winning on the road is difficult, especially when the opponent is so evenly matched.

I say 79-75 Oregon.

David Potts: I think this game will play out a lot like Arizona’s 2015 game at Utah. In that game, Utah — which had one of the best defenses in the country and a great playmaker in Delon Wright — ended up falling short against a very talented, defensively stout Arizona. I think the same thing happens here. These two teams will fight it out in a game dominated by defense, but Arizona’s ability to get to the line (well, Allonzo Trier’s ability to get to the line) will be the difference in an otherwise close game.

Arizona 65, Oregon 60.

Steve Apter: Oregon shot 34 threes against Colorado, their second-most attempts from deep this season aside from a 120+ point performance against Savannah State. Dillon Brooks is the emotional leader of this team and his temporary absence with an ankle injury threw off their rhythm a bit. “We need to get the ball inside to Chris (Boucher) and Jordan Bell,” freshman point guard Payton Pritchard said after the Colorado loss. “That is our bread and butter, going inside-out, and we didn’t do that.” Oregon gets back on track with a close win they desperately need.

Oregon 74 Arizona 68

Brandon Hill: Arizona is playing better than Oregon right now. Oregon struggled with ASU, escaping by a point. The Cats have Allonzo Trier back. A lot of things make me want to go with Arizona but I’m hesitant. There’s something about that hideous court in Eugene that always makes me nervous. The Ducks are riding a 38 game home winning streak and they ended Arizona’s home court streak last year, so revenge would be sweet. It’s a really even matchup, as both teams have five players averaging double figures, as well as having similar numbers in scoring offense and defense.

I’ll say Ducks again escape with a one point win, Oregon 66 Arizona 65.

Jason Bartel: Yeah, that whole home court winning streak revenge’s happening.

Arizona 74, Oregon 71