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Rawle Alkins explains the savage life movement

Let’s get to know savage life

NCAA Basketball: Pac-12 Conference Championship Arizona vs Oregon Stephen R. Sylvanie-USA TODAY Sports

After Sean Miller called a controversial late timeout against the UCLA Bruins, something emerged from the Arizona Wildcats locker room in the aftermath.

Savage life.

“I’ve been saying savage life since my sophomore year of high school,” Alkins explained on Saturday night. “I came in here saying savage life, then Lauri started saying it, then Dusan, then Keanu, then Kadeem, so hopefully it starts to become a trend.”

“The funny thing is they don’t really know what it means,” joked Alkins about the foreign players on the team being the first ones to join in. “Lauri only says it because I say it, but he doesn’t know what it means.”

“He was the one who started it,” Lauri said defending himself.

The whole thing dates back to how Alkins’ high school team played.

“It was in my sophomore year playing basketball, we were just savages, so I started saying savage life,” continued Alkins. “I think when you look it up in the dictionary, it means beast, and that’s how I like to be on the court, and you gotta be a tougher guy.”

“Everyone on our team’s a beast so we just say savage life. It’s a movement, join the movement.”

The movement started on Instagram before a good chunk of this team even showed up in Tucson.

“I used to hashtag it on all my Instagram pictures; I loved the way it looked,” said Alkins. “Then Lauri started to use it.”

“Even before I came to Tucson I started following you on Instagram and there was #SavageLife and I started posting it,” Markkanen joked back to Alkins. “So I wanted to start it right away.”

There was a memorable savage life moment earlier in the season after a press conference in McKale that kind of got this whole thing rolling inside the team.

“Lauri was walking out when it was over and he screamed savage life walking out, and that’s when it started to become a lot more viral,” recounted Alkins. “From there we started putting it up more on our Instagram pics.”

“And location,” Markkanen tacked on. “Savage land.”

“So then yesterday after we beat UCLA, we called that timeout, that’s some savage life stuff right there,” Alkins said through a smile. “Everything possible you can think of that would be like beast mode or kind of aggressive, you think savage life.”

Start the movement.