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NCAA Tournament: Arizona’s uniforms among the worst in the Sweet Sixteen

Yeah, Baylor’s are probably worse

St. Mary's v Arizona Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

For most people, the Arizona Wildcats uniforms in 2016-17 have been hard to look at at best.

But we needed confirmation, and the experts at Uni Watch have done just that.

Paul Lukas ranked each of the teams remaining in the Sweet Sixteen based on their uniforms, and Arizona checks in at No. 15. Only the Baylor Bears have worse uniforms according to Uni Watch.

Here’s what he said about Arizona’s threads:

There's nothing inherently wrong with having gradient-toned stripes at the top and bottom of your uniform (it actually looks pretty good on Arizona's blue road uniform). But when the uniform is white and stripes signify as various shades of gray, the result is that your uniform just looks like it needs to go back in the laundry.

The most controversial part about this list is having the Oregon Ducks at No. 2. But the reasoning is right; the white ones are good. And since Oregon is playing 7-seed Michigan in the Round of 16, they should be wearing white ones.

Arizona will likely be wearing its bad white ones on Thursday night when they take on the Xavier Musketeers in San Jose. Xavier and their 5th-ranked uniforms will take on the Wildcats at approximately 7:09 PM PT on TBS.