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Arizona basketball: Rawle Alkins says he’s “50-50” on returning to Wildcats

He also performed well in the combine scrimmage

Stanford v Arizona Photo by Chris Coduto/Getty Images

The NBA Draft Combine got underway on Thursday, which meant that Arizona Wildcats G/F Rawle Alkins hit the floor in search of some more feedback from scouts and coaches.

Heading into the event, NBA executives said that Alkins should return to school, but he still seems very unsure about what to do.

Alkins told the media in Chicago that he’s “50-50” on returning to school or not.

But he also said “I’m seriously considering coming back to school next year.”

These comments came after he led his team in scoring, putting up 18 points during the first scrimmage, which was also a game-high.

Thursday was kind of a mixed bag for Rawle because while he performed well on the court, he measured out to be a bit shorter than the 6-foot-5 listed in Arizona’s media guide.

On the flip side, he was one of just 20 players to have at least 10” wide hands, and his arms are long for his size. The thing people seem to be talking about the most is his body fat percentage, which was 11% (T-7th highest of all players in attendance).

Here are some more thoughts about Alkins from people in the know that saw him play Thursday: