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2017 NBA Draft: Latest projections for Arizona Wildcats’ Lauri Markkanen and Kobi Simmons

Chance Comanche and Kadeem Allen are expected to go undrafted

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The 2017 NBA Draft is less than a week away and, as usual, a couple Arizona Wildcats are expected to get selected.

Here’s where the latest projections have them landing:

Lauri Markkanen

Sean Miller said last month that Markkanen being a lottery pick is a “no-brainer” and it appears NBA GMs agree with that.

Kobi Simmons*

It appears Simmons will be selected late in the second round or will wind up undrafted.

*USA Today, Sporting News, and NBC did not include the second round in their respective mock drafts

Kadeem Allen and Chance Comanche were not found in any mock drafts (though most do not provide second-round projections).

Both players have worked out for several teams and should get a shot at NBA Summer League, at minimum.

Allen is believed to have a strong chance of making NBA team due to his defensive prowess, but his age — he is 24 — is likely hindering him from being drafted.

Comanche is seen as a candidate to garner a “two-way” contract. With that, he would essentially be the 15th or 16th player on an NBA team’s roster, and would be spending most of his time — if not all of it — in the G-League next season.

Players who receive two-way contracts earn the G-League base salary ($75,000), with the potential to accrue additional income if they are active on an NBA roster. That additional income would be the prorated amount of the NBA minimum salary ($815,000).

One catch: two-way players cannot be active on an NBA roster for more than 45 days, meaning their earning potential income is capped at $279,000 for the season.

Like Comanche, Simmons is also seen as a candidate to receive a two-way contract.

This offseason is the first time these two-way contracts are an asset for NBA teams as they are part of the new CBA which comes into effect this summer.

Here’s a more in-depth look at two-way contracts, which are expected to become a commonly-used tool for NBA front offices.

The 2017 NBA Draft is scheduled for Thursday, June 22 at 4 p.m. PST in Brooklyn, New York.

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