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Kobi Simmons buys his mom a Range Rover after signing with Memphis Grizzlies

Being a professional basketball player isn’t all that bad


Kobi Simmons officially signed his first contract as a professional basketball player two weeks ago, inking a two-way deal with the Memphis Grizzlies.

And it appears one of his first purchases was a car for his mother. More specifically, a Range Rover:

Simmons will have a base salary of $75,000 in his rookie season, with the ability to earn up to $279,000 depending on the number of days he is on the Grizzlies’ active roster (as a two-way player, he has a 45-day maximum).

The 19-year-old was criticized for his decision to leave the Arizona Wildcats after one season, which was only amplified after he went undrafted, but life seems to be treating him well right now — and it’s doubtful he regrets his decision to leave school early.

Simmons’ contract will keep him in the G League for the majority of his rookie season, but it’s a sweet gig nonetheless.