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Arizona’s DeAndre Ayton shows off 43.5-inch vertical

This is ridiculous

Sean Miller said he’s never seen a 19-year-old quite like DeAndre Ayton.

“I don’t think I will again,” Miller said of the freshman in August. “It’s just because he’s so physically imposing.”

Ayton, a top-three recruit in 2017, measures at 7-feet, 260 pounds and moves swiftly around the court.

“He’s as strong and as gifted at running as anyone I’ve worked with,” Miller said.

And that’s not all.

Evidently, Ayton can jump out of the gym, too. The 7-footer showed off his 43.5-inch vertical in McKale Center on Monday.

Check it out:

I mean, look how high his hand is above the rim. A 7’5” wingspan with that explosiveness? Not fair.

The Arizona Wildcats are expecting big things out of Ayton this season. He will likely be replacing Lauri Markkanen in the starting lineup, and will be asked to be a physical presence in the paint, which the team sorely lacked last year.

And it’s safe to say he’s well-equipped to do just that.

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