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Dylan Smith on his baggy shorts: “They’re comfortable”

Smith answered the question that every Arizona fan is dying to know

Valley Of The Sun Shootout:  Texas A&M v Arizona Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

It’s the question every Arizona Wildcats fan has been dying to know the answer to.

What’s up with Dylan Smith’s shorts?

The lanky redshirt sophomore dons extremely baggy shorts that extend to his knee even as the rest of the college basketball is starting to favor shorter shorts.

Teammate Rawle Alkins, for instance, wears shorts that hardly reach his thigh, almost like ones Steve Kerr used to wear at Arizona.

But is there any compelling reason why Smith chooses the baggy variety? Do they enhance his ability to do basketball things? I asked him that Tuesday because I am clearly a very serious journalist.

“They’re comfortable,” he said. “I used to ask Rawle last year, 'why you do wear your shorts so small?' He said it feels good. I was like all right. Then he asked me the same thing."

UA signee Shareef O’Neal has a scientific reason for his preference for short shorts.

I guess baggy shorts vs. short shorts is like a chocolate vs. vanilla ice cream type of thing.

Which type of person are you?

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