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Arizona shifting recruiting focus toward 2020, but still could add to 2019 class

The 2019-20 roster is all but set

NCAA Basketball: Houston Baptist at Arizona Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

With four recruits signed, another committed, and Cornell transfer Stone Gettings set to join the team for next season, the Arizona Wildcats’ roster is nearly complete for 2019-20.

But first, some housekeeping has to be done.

As of now, fifteen players are set to be on scholarship, two over the 13-player limit. However, we can probably assume Jake DesJardins will revert to being a walk-on, meaning Arizona will need to clear at least one spot to have sufficient space for its 2019 additions.

No fear, those things always find a way to work themselves out via transfer or the NBA Draft. In this case, the former seems more likely since none of UA’s current underclassmen are surefire NBA prospects.

Head coach Sean Miller certainly isn’t worried about an impending roster crunch. He even left the door open to making another addition to Arizona’s No. 1-ranked 2019 recruiting class.

“I think every spring brings change and we want to be prepared for that change and really that’s what we’ll spend the next four or five months doing,” he said Tuesday. “It all depends on how we move forward. There’s a lot of change in college basketball in the spring and being able to add to this group is something that I think we’re really excited about,”

Mostly, though, Arizona will start shifting its focus toward 2020, hoping to get a head start on its quest to construct another monstrous recruiting class.

“I think with the players that we have returning that are currently on this year’s team and the group in total that we’re bringing in, I think our purpose now is to kind of forge ahead into the 2020 class and have the opportunity to build and to maybe have one every bit as good as this one or better,” Miller said.

Here is a list of Arizona players set to be on scholarship in 2019-20. Moves will have to be made:

  1. Brandon Randolph
  2. Brandon Williams
  3. Ira Lee
  4. Emmanuel Akot
  5. Dylan Smith
  6. Chase Jeter
  7. Stone Gettings
  8. Nico Mannion
  9. Josh Green
  10. Christian Koloko
  11. Terry Armstrong
  12. Alex Barcello
  13. Devonaire Doutrive
  14. Zeke Nnaji
  15. Jake DesJardins (maybe?)