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Allonzo Trier’s mother releases statement about her son’s suspension

“My son has not violated any NCAA rules this season”

NCAA Basketball: Arizona at Oregon State Jaime Valdez-USA TODAY Sports

The Arizona Wildcats will be without Allonzo Trier for the foreseeable future as the junior guard was declared ineligible by the NCAA on Thursday after testing positive for a banned substance.

That substance, according to Trier’s lawyer, is Ostarine, which is what Trier tested positive for last season when he was suspended for 19 games.

The amount detected in a January test, according to the UA, was “minuscule by scientific standards and appears to be a remnant of a substance, which the NCAA has agreed, Allonzo had unknowingly ingested in 2016.”

Trier appealed his suspension last year and won, so Arizona is “hopeful” the same will be true the second time and Trier can return to the court soon.

Meanwhile Trier’s mother, Marcie, released this statement to ESPN:

“I am devastated and heartbroken by what has transpired in the last few days. My son has not violated any NCAA rules this season. Last year Allonzo won his appeal, yet served a 19-game suspension for unknowingly taking a drug that the NCAA agreed as taken without his knowledge following a car accident.

“Recently, a trace amount of the same drug was found in his system and that minuscule amount is why he missed those games last year. One of the top Drug and Toxicologist Doctors in the U.S. stated that the amount detected in Allonzo’s urine is the equivalent of six grains of salt in 10 Olympic Sized swimming pools, and had zero effect on his performance.

“For those who may assume Allonzo did something wrong — consider the fact that he knew he would always be tested for this drug going forward. This has NEVER given him any advantage and is of ZERO benefit. We have all the test results to back that up. My son does not need any advantage!

“He’s been drug tested since high school, through USA basketball and never failed a test until last year. My son deserves to play. He chose to stay for all the right reasons — education and his dream of winning a national championship.

“I pray that the people involved will come to believe and understand this as the truth.”

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