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Jay Bilas ‘can’t imagine’ Sean Miller coaching another college game

Bilas thinks the allegations in the ESPN report are a “career-ending” thing

NCAA Basketball: Oregon State at Arizona Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

The ESPN College GameDay crew would be shocked if Sean Miller continues to be the head coach of the Arizona Wildcats.

Amid an ESPN report that said FBI wiretaps have Miller discussing a $100,000 payment to secure the signing of Deandre Ayton, ESPN analysts Jay Bilas and Seth Greenberg agreed that the Miller Era should be over in Tucson.

“Sean Miller will be put on administrative leave — or at least should be — while this is being sorted out,” Bilas said during Saturday’s show. “And there’s no way that Deandre Ayton could play in a game while this is being sorted out. This is a question of risk management for the University of Arizona. But it’s also a profound disappointment.

“I’m not going to speak for the rest of you guys, but to me personally. I’ve known Sean for a long time. I actually stood up for him in what I thought was his level of integrity through this whole Book Richardson thing. I didn’t think there was any way he knew about such stupidity on the part of Book Richardson to the extent those allegations were true. But this great reporting by Mark Schlabach that reveals this, I can’t tell you how disappointed I am.

“This is a career-ending thing for Sean Miller. Career-ending. I can’t imagine him ever coaching a college game again.”

Greenberg then chimed in: “It’s incomprehensible, and I totally agree Jay in that I cannot imagine a scenario, knowing Sean Miller since he was probably about 5 years old, that he would be in this situation.

“To me it’s sobering, it kinda makes me angry, it’s disappointing, and he’s going to be held accountable. And you can’t deny the facts. The facts are the facts. And the consequences are simple. He will not coach another game at Arizona. Deandre Ayton will not play another game at Arizona. And the games that he did play? They will be forfeited and Arizona will not play in the NCAA Tournament.”

Arizona has not released a statement regarding the ESPN report, and it is not clear if Miller will coach Saturday’s game at Oregon or if Ayton will play.

But the game does not tip off until 8:15 p.m. MST, so there is still plenty of time for the situation to develop.

One problem Arizona has is firing Miller, even for cause, will be extremely costly.

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