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Deandre Ayton’s family denies any involvement in illegal activities while deciding to attend Arizona

This doesn’t really change anything with Sean Miller’s involvement

NCAA Basketball: Southern California at Arizona Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

A day after Mark Schlabach reported that Arizona Wildcats head coach Sean Miller was offering $100,000 for the services of star freshman Deandre Ayton, the player’s family has issued a statement.

Ayton’s parents deny any involvement in illegal or prohibited activities during the process of deciding where he should attend college:

“1. DeAndre directly stated to the FBI, more than six months ago, that he never discussed or solicited payments from the University of Arizona, or any other university, or any shoe company or anyone on behalf of either - Period. This includes basketball and anything else.

2. DeAndre’s decision to commit to the University of Arizona was based on his family ties to Phoenix and his knowledge of and familiarity with the basketball program. He and his family moved to Phoenix Arizona and he played for Hillcrest Prep Academy.”

The original report by Schlabach never says anything about Ayton or anyone associated with him actually receiving the money. The report only said that Miller is on wiretaps discussing paying $100,000 to land Ayton.

Multiple people have told us that Ayton was questioned earlier in the year, and was cleared by both the FBI and the NCAA, thus leading to Arizona’s decision to go ahead and play him on Saturday night vs. the Oregon Ducks despite Miller not coaching the game.

So while this denial saves face on Ayton’s side of things, it certainly doesn’t clear Miller, even though he said earlier on Saturday that he believes Arizona’s investigation will “vindicate” him.