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Washington head coach Mike Hopkins wants to hear the Sean Miller tapes

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NCAA Basketball: Arizona at Washington Jennifer Buchanan-USA TODAY Sports

With all the reporting and counter-reporting on the Sean Miller wiretaps, many people have been left confused and not knowing what to believe.

Including his colleagues.

Washington Huskies head coach Mike Hopkins was asked Wednesday about the Arizona Wildcats’ situation, and he spoke for just about everyone that follows college basketball.

Here’s the video (via Ryan S. Clark of the Tacoma News Tribune):

“Everybody’s talking about this tape of Sean Miller, well, where is it?” Hopkins said. “Has anybody listened to it?”

Since the tapes are under a federal seal, if one of the reporters writing about the tapes has heard it, then one of the defendants will have violated the terms of the protective order.

The mutual decision between Miller and The University of Arizona to not have him coach this past Saturday against the Oregon Ducks also irks coach Hopkins.

“He can’t coach because somebody said that it exists?” Hopkins added while shrugging his shoulders. “Again if it is then he shouldn’t be coaching, but if it’s not then where is it? Where is it, what is it? Because some Twitter guys came out and said there’s this tape, but again that’s me, and I’d love to hear it, wouldn’t you?”

Yeah, probably coach.

“They might have it and it’s a secret you know but listen he can’t coach because somebody says there’s something out there?”

Then Hopkins kind of admits that he thinks there’s something there since Miller didn’t coach against Oregon.

“It’s hard for me to believe that a guy doesn’t coach because of an accusation and no one in the administration or no one in the NCAA has heard it,” Hopkins continued. “Is that crazy? Am I crazy?”

Based on this video I’d say yes, you are a little bit crazy but point received.

“If that was happening to you I’d be kind of upset you’d be like ‘whoa, whoa whoa’, right?”

Yes, my exact reaction would be ‘whoa, whoa, whoa’ if I were wrongly accused of paying a recruit $100k.

And then Hopkins speaks for all of us.

“I’d like to see the facts. Does that make sense?”

All the sense possible.

It’s interesting to see other coaches around the Pac-12 wonder what’s happening at Arizona, and really across college basketball.

At his weekly press conference, ASU head coach Bobby Hurley said that he was told not to “step out of his lane”, but did say it was a dark time for the sport and it’s sad what’s happened. Oregon head coach Dana Altman has called it disappointing, and of course USC is also involved.

There will be answers for everyone sooner rather than later though as an emergency session for the Arizona Board of Regents has been scheduled for Thursday prior to Arizona’s next game against Stanford.