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Brandon Williams remains committed to Arizona; Shareef O’Neal to stick with UCLA despite Sean Miller’s statement

O’Neal will stay with UCLA, despite Sean Miller denying the ESPN wiretap report

Photo via @TheeBWill

Sean Miller announced Thursday that he will remain the head coach of the Arizona Wildcats, and strongly denied the ESPN wiretap reported that alleged he discussed a pay-for-pay scenario for Deandre Ayton.

Relatedly, four-star point guard Brandon Williams remains committed to the UA as well.

“Nothing has changed on our end,” Williams’ stepfather told Ben White of shortly after Miller’s 12:30 p.m. press conference. “We are still currently committed and taking things day by day.”

Williams, the No. 31 player in the 2018 class, signed non-binding financial aid paperwork in November that allows him to opt out of his commitment if he so chooses.

Former UA commit Shareef O’Neal did that last weekend when ESPN’s wiretap report first came out, decommitting from Arizona and quickly pledging to UCLA.

And he will remain with the Bruins, despite Miller staying on at Arizona.

“I’m glad everything over this cleared up! But I’ve made my decision,” O’Neal tweeted then deleted. “That allegation has happened to the program twice while I was committed. I didn’t know what to expect, and I wanted to assure my play in the NCAA. I made a new decision and I’m sticking with it.”

That means Williams remains Arizona’s lone 2018 commit.

You can read/watch Miller’s full statement from Thursday here.