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Justin Coleman’s commitment won’t affect Brandon Williams’ decision

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Arizona always planned to bring in two point guards

Photo courtesy Samford Athletics

The Arizona Wildcats always planned to recruit two point guards in 2018, so Justin Coleman’s commitment won’t change the calculus of Brandon Williams’ decision.

At least that’s what Williams’ stepfather, Chris Wright, recently told Bruce Pascoe of the Arizona Daily Star.

After all, Williams — who decommitted from Arizona on March 2 after ESPN’s Sean Miller wiretap report broke — was once part of a UA recruiting class that also featured five-star point guard Jahvon Quinerly, who’s now a Villanova commit.

“In our recruiting, we’ve made a change where I think the days of just pigeon-holing someone as a point guard, playing with a wing or two wings and that’s all they can do, that has ended,” Miller said in July in Phoenix. “I think we’re looking to put our best players on the court, but also having multiple ball-handlers.

“So maybe you don’t have your traditional old-school, pass-first guard .... but moving forward I think we might not have that prototypical point guard but have two, maybe three, guys that you can say play like a point guard. So the cleverness and ability to pass at more than one position will make up for that.”

Besides, Williams and Coleman have complementary skill-sets.

Coleman, a Samford graduate transfer who committed to Arizona on Friday, is more of a pass-first point guard. He averaged 6.6 assists per game this season, and was 12th in the country in assist percentage.

Williams is a dynamic scoring point guard. The five-star prospect averaged 24.7 points and 2.7 assists at Crespi High School.

“I’m known for my facilitating,” Coleman told azcentral. “I can score when I need to score, but I’m very good at running my team and getting guys shots.”

Williams can be a beneficiary of that, not a hindrance. Not to mention Arizona could stagger their minutes so they both get ample time running the offense.

But obviously Arizona has to land Williams before those ideas can come to fruition. He is choosing between Arizona, Oregon, and Gonzaga, and is officially visiting the Bulldogs this weekend. Williams already took an official visit to Oregon, which reportedly went well.

That said, he might have hinted that Arizona is in the lead, and adding Coleman won’t hurt its chances.

And Coleman doesn’t seem to mind the idea of meshing with Williams:

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