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No, Brandon Williams has not committed to Gonzaga

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At least not yet

Reading comprehension is very important.

Here’s an example: reported late Sunday night that five-star point guard Brandon Williams had committed to the Gonzaga Bulldogs.

Their source?

A tweet from Williams that showed a picture of him wearing a Gonzaga uniform in front of the program’s Final Four trophy with a caption that said “Gonzaga University! I’m going to need to get me one of these!”

But nowhere in that tweet does it say Williams committed, and him donning a Gonzaga uniform hardly means anything since he wore an Oregon uniform when he visited that school earlier in the month.

ESPN’s Paul Biancardi made the same error as TheScore, but he quickly deleted his tweet.

Lesson learned here: reading is important.

On a serious note, now that Williams has completed his official visits to Gonzaga and Oregon, he should be picking a school fairly soon. Those two schools — and Arizona — are his finalists.

He is the No. 31 player in the 2018 class, per 247Sports.