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Latest NBA Draft projections for Deandre Ayton, Rawle Alkins, and Allonzo Trier

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The NBA Combine has passed and consensus is starting to build among experts

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The NBA Draft Combine is over, team workouts are happening, and trends are developing in mock drafts across the web.

And where do they project the Arizona Wildcats’ prospects will be selected? Let’s take a look.

Reminder: the draft is June 21.

Deandre Ayton

CBS Sports — No. 1 overall (Phoenix Suns) — No. 1 overall (Phoenix Suns)

ESPN — No. 1 overall (Phoenix Suns)

Bleacher Report — No. 1 overall (Phoenix Suns) — No. 1 overall (Phoenix Suns)

Sports Illustrated — No. 1 overall (Phoenix Suns)

The Athletic — No. 1 overall (Phoenix Suns)

azcentral — No. 1 overall (Phoenix Suns)

SB Nation — No. 2 overall (Sacramento Kings)

If it wasn’t for our good friend Ricky O’Donnell over at the SB Nation mothership, Ayton staying in Arizona would be a unanimous projection.

Even still, this overwhelmingly majority is different from what we saw a few weeks ago, when experts were split between Ayton and Luka Doncic for the No. 1 pick.

But at this point, Ayton looks like a shoe-in to become UA’s first No. 1 overall pick.

Rawle Alkins

ESPN — No. 47 overall (Los Angeles Lakers) — No. 57 overall (Oklahoma City Thunder) — No. 40 overall (Brooklyn Nets)

Sports Illustrated — No. 33 overall (Dallas Mavericks)

The Athletic — No. 50 overall (Indiana Pacers)

Alkins’ stock hasn’t changed much, despite a pretty strong showing at the combine — he’s widely viewed as a second-round pick. Where in that round he gets selected obviously remains to be seen.

A first-round selection seems unlikely, but it all it takes is one team to pull the trigger.

Allonzo Trier

ESPN — undrafted — undrafted — undrafted

Sports Illustrated — undrafted

The Athletic — undrafted

While recent projections have been favorable for Ayton, the opposite can be said for Trier, who is not listed in any major publication’s mock draft.