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Damon Stoudamire tweet about his college BMW goes viral, starts thread among former point guards about their wheels

damon-stoudamire-bmw-arizona-wildcats-pacific-greg-anthony-nick-van-exel-kenny-anderson James Snook-USA TODAY Sports

Damon Stoudamire is one of the most beloved players in Arizona Wildcats basketball history, a three-year starter at point guard who led Arizona to the Final Four in 1994 and who ranks sixth on the school career scoring list with 1,849 points.

Yet Stoudamire wasn’t just known for his scoring acumen and floor leadership during his collegiate years. He also happened to have a pretty sweet ride, one of many such quality vehicles Arizona players were known to be driving back in the day.

This subject was brought up by a UA alum whom Stoudamire—now head coach at Pacific—recently crossed paths with. And it apparently wasn’t the first time that happened:

Naturally, this tweet got notcied. It helped that former UNLV point guard Greg Anthony decided to chime in with his thoughts:

Stoudamire responded to Anthony, and eventually ex-Cincinnati PG Nick Van Exel chimed in:

Even former Georgia Tech PG Kenny Anderson got involved:

Then Anthony went there:

As if the FBI (and NCAA) didn’t already have Arizona under a microscope …