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Arizona coach Adia Barnes explains why she started a podcast

COLLEGE BASKETBALL: FEB 22 Women’s Arizona at Stanford Photo by Cody Glenn/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Part of the rise of Arizona women’s basketball can be attributed to head coach Adia Barnes’ ability to connect with the Tucson and University of Arizona community.

She is taking that a step further this winter by starting her own podcast called Made for It: The Adia Barnes Podcast. The first of four episodes debuts next Monday, Dec. 17. The first guest is Arizona basketball coach Sean Miller.

Barnes said Wednesday at her weekly press conference that she started the podcast so UA fans can get a behind-the-scenes look at coaches and other faculty at the UA, the hope being that they can get to know them in a more personal way.

“I think it’s different in this type of (press conference) environment. I think all the coaches are just more guarded and it’s human nature,” Barnes said. “So I thought behind the scenes and talking about things and picking their brain, I love to do it because I learn so much stuff from Sean and from Coach (Mike) Candrea, so I thought it’d be a cool idea that people would like to hear. Like Dave Heeke. I mean, as the athletic director, you’re dealing with hard stuff every day. You always have to be a bearer of bad news, and I think it’s not easy and he’s so great behind the scenes and if people got to know that side, I think they’d love him even more.

“So I thought that was cool. I mean, no one knows he’s got it a dog. Just little things you would never know. You’re not gonna go ask him those questions in a press conference. At least I hope not. So I think just getting to know him behind the scenes, I think it’s important because if you saw what I see in this environment, this is like a family. And we have some great people like Dave (Rubio), Sean, his family, Coach Candrea, he’s been here since I was a player. It’s a really good group of coaches that I think fans will love. And I think fans don’t really get to know them and it’s a special place. This department has at least seven or eight people that have been here since I played. So that’s rare and that doesn’t happen in college athletics. So I think just showing a part of that and learning some stuff that’s different than what you guys can ask Candrea or ask Coach Miller, I think it’s a cool thing. So I hope it’s good, I hope you like it.”

You can listen to a three-minute preview of Barnes’ first episode with Miller here: