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Sean Miller declines comment on subpoena report, fires back at persistent reporter: ‘You can drive back to Phoenix’

sean-miller-arizona-wildcats-fbi-federal-trial-christian-dawkins-testimony-deandre-ayton Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

He hasn’t said much for nearly a year, why start now?

Arizona Wildcats coach Sean Miller not surprisingly declined comment Tuesday when asked about a Yahoo! Sports report that he was going to be subpoenaed to testify in the upcoming federal basketball trial. Miller had previously declined to comment on similar reports related to that investigation, as well as reports that the NCAA had begun a formal inquiry into Arizona’s program.

Yet that didn’t stop one reporter from Phoenix’s ABC affiliate from trying a second time to get a sound bite. This time, Miller complied.

“No comment,” he quipped. “You can drive back to Phoenix.”

Miller’s clapback came a few minutes after he’d been asked about whether he was looking forward to having less turmoil and adversity in his life, which prompted him to reveal a rare personal detail.

“I have a 4-year-old nephew who had open-heart surgery two days ago, my sister’s son,” Miller said. “I’m really concerned about that. That’s something that I think deserves my attention and really deserves my concern. When that’s going on, as a coach, that’s difficult to juggle. Hopefully that will continue to go well.

“Like everybody in this room I have a family, wife, three kids, I love them dearly and I think about them every day. That’s my focus, and that focus hasn’t changed and won’t change.”

Miller was also asked if all of the off-the-court issues were becoming a distraction for his players, and if he had to talk to them about ignoring the noise:

“They’re used to it,” he said.