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Arizona staffer Austin Carroll won’t travel to Oregon due to father’s illness

Photo courtesy Arizona Athletics

The Arizona Wildcats will be extremely short staffed on their upcoming road trip to Oregon.

Assistant director of operations Austin Carroll will stay in Boston to attend to his father, John, an assistant coach at Rhode Island, who has been hospitalized with an undisclosed illness.

Carroll also missed Sunday’s game vs. Stanford.

“I think his dad’s recovery is moving in a positive direction,” Arizona head coach Sean Miller updated the media Tuesday. “It’s not up to me to get into what he’s dealing with. It’s a private matter with his family. I’ll let them address that whenever the time is right. But it is certainly serious enough where he’s been hospitalized. And Austin’s priority right now is his dad and his mom. I think he’ll rejoin us maybe at the earliest next week after the Oregon trip, but he’ll remain there in Boston through the remainder of this week.”

According to his school-produced bio, Austin Carroll “oversees Arizona’s video scouting efforts and is responsible for the organization, breakdown, scouting and presentation of game film. He will also handle player edits for individual players’ use, creates recruiting videos and cuts recruiting film for coaches’ evaluation.”

The Wildcats are also without associate head coach Mark Phelps, who was placed on administrative leave on Feb. 6 due to an alleged NCAA violation. Carroll, normally in an off-court role, had taken Phelps’ spot on the bench.

Carroll did the same last season when former assistant coach Book Richardson was fired.