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Chase Jeter exits with apparent knee injury vs. Oregon State

arizona-wildcats-basketball-top-25-pac-12-favorite-espn-projections-recruiting-oregon-usc-washington Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

Bad things happen when Chase Jeter plays Oregon State.

When the Arizona Wildcats battled the Beavers on Jan. 19, Jeter was undercut by Tres Tinkle while leaping for a rebound and took a hard fall, causing the UA center to suffer back spasms that sidelined him for two games.

Thursday, Arizona faced Oregon State again and Jeter exited in the second half with an apparent left knee injury after getting tangled up with, you guessed it, Tres Tinkle.

Jeter needed assistance getting to the bench and eventually headed to the locker room. He briefly returned to the game with 7:46 left in the second half sporting a heavy knee brace, but was quickly removed after looking uncomfortable.

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