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Arizona basketball still a top-10 program, per Wall Street Journal

arizona-wildcats-scholarship-offers-recruiting-2020-dj-steward-dalen-terry-miller-college-basketball Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

Despite a 17-15 record in the 2018-19 season, the Arizona Wildcats are still in the Top 10 ... at least in terms of their value as a college basketball program.

The Wildcats are ranked ninth nationally with a total program value of $137.8 million, according to an annual study conducted by Ryan Brewer, a professor at Indiana-Purdue-Columbus, and published by the Wall Street Journal.

‘The annual study assesses what every college team would be worth if it could be bought and sold on the open market like a professional franchise,” according to WSJ’s Andrew Beaton. “Brewer’s analysis takes into account each program’s revenues and expenses with cash-flow adjustments, risk assessments and growth projections.”

UA appreciated less than the national average of 9.3 percent, with only a 2.6 percent appreciation from the 2017-18 season. The sliver lining is the brand still experienced positive growth in a season that was arguably its worst in decades.

UCLA was ranked eighth, tops in the Pac-12. The Bruins’ valuation ($138.39M) is up 43.1 percent from last season.

Arizona and UCLA’s position in the top 10 is a great look for the Pac-12 after a down year. The ACC is the only conference with more than two teams in the top 10 with four (Duke, Louisville, Syracuse and North Carolina).

Below are the valuations and rankings each Pac-12 listed in the report.

Pac-12 Valuations

Rank Conf. Rank School Valuation 1-Yr Value Change
Rank Conf. Rank School Valuation 1-Yr Value Change
8 1 UCLA $138,390,000 43.1%
9 2 Arizona $137,380,000 2.6%
27 3 Stanford $71,880,000 72.5%
32 4 Arizona St. $67,550,000 41.4%
39 5 Washington $61,820,000 -3.7%
42 6 Cal $59,600,000 22.0%
48 7 Colorado $50,980,000 11.9%
61 8 Oregon $41,150,000 8.9%
69 9 Utah $35,860,000 13.9%
79 10 Oregon St. $29,220,000 11.1%
89 11 USC $23,700,000 13.6%
92 12 Washington St. $22,380,000 -4.4%