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Arizona football, basketball near bottom of Pac-12 in APR

arizona-football-basketball-apr-pac-12-rankings-ucla Photo by Ralph Freso/Getty Images

The Arizona Wildcats basketball and football teams have been below average in the classroom over the last four years, according to the multiyear Academic Progress Rates that were released by the NCAA on Wednesday.

APR is a metric that accounts for the eligibility and retention of each student-athlete for each academic term. APR is calculated on an 1,000-point scale as follows:

  • Each student-athlete receiving athletically related financial aid earns one point for staying in school and one point for being academically eligible.
  • A team’s total points are divided by points possible and then multiplied by 1,000 to equal the team’s Academic Progress Rate.
  • In addition to a team’s current-year APR, its rolling four-year APR is also used to determine accountability.

Arizona basketball posted a perfect 1,000 APR in 2017-18, but has a 960 APR over the last four seasons, which is seven points under the national average. The Arizona football team has a 952 APR over that span, 12 points below the national average.

Those marks rank 10th and 11th in the Pac-12, respectively.

930 is the multiyear APR to avoid. Programs that score below that are barred from competing in championships.

There are other factors that drive Arizona’s scores down. Several Wildcats have left school early for the NBA Draft, which can lower APR if they leave while ineligible. (Same with transfers.)

On the football side, Arizona made a coaching change prior to the 2018 season and it led to a large number of players leaving the program, possibly lowering APR for the 2017-18 academic year. The football program’s 2017-18 APR was 962.

Here is how the entire Pac-12 shakes out, along with the rest of the UA athletic department. UCLA’s basketball program is in dangerous territory.

Pac-12 basketball multiyear APR

1. Stanford, 997

2. Washington, 986

3. Utah, 980

4. ASU, 974

5. Oregon State and USC, 973

7. Colorado, 971

8. Washington State, 970

9. Cal, 961

10. Arizona, 960

11. Oregon, 958

12. UCLA, 933

Pac-12 multiyear football APR

1. Washington, 991

2. Utah, 989

3. Stanford, 986

4. ASU, 980

5. Cal, 979

6. USC, 972

7. Oregon State, 971

8. Oregon 968

9. Colorado 965

10. Washington State, 960

11. Arizona, 952

12. UCLA, 948

Arizona’s other multiyear APR scores

Baseball, 982

Men’s Cross Country, 1,000

Men’s Golf, 978

Men’s Swimming and Diving, 975

Men’s Tennis, 978

Men’s Track, 1,000

Women’s Basketball, 987

Women’s Cross Country, 955

Women’s Golf, 985

Gymnastics, 991

Softball, 990

Soccer, 988