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Arizona school president staying in Sean Miller’s corner

sean-miller-robert-robbins-school-president-arizona-wildcats-fbi-christian-dawkins-ncaa Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

With the latest federal basketball trial now in the rearview mirror, it appears the Arizona Wildcats are in the clear for now. At least until the NCAA gets around to completing its investigation into the program, which could take a while based on how that outfit has dragged its feet in other inquiries.

So what does that mean for embattled coach Sean Miller in the meantime? The status quo, according to UA president Dr. Robert Robbins.

“Sean’s our coach,” Robbins told Pat Parris of Tucson television station KGUN on Wednesday. “We look forward to continuing to participate and cooperate in all the investigations that are going on.”

Arizona, and specifically Miller, were mentioned numerous times in testimony and on videotapes and wiretapped conversations during the trial of aspiring agent Christian Dawkins and ex-Adidas rep Merl Code, both of whom were found guilty of federal bribery charges on Wednesday. Accusations were made about Miller paying players but the coach himself was never heard on tape.

Among those whose taped conversations were played was Emanuel ‘Book’ Richardson, a former Arizona assistant coach who was arrested in September 2017. He pleaded guilty to a federal bribery charge and is set to be sentenced on Monday.