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Arizona signee Zeke Nnaji not concerned about possible sanctions

arizona-basketball-zeke-nnaji-not-concerned-ncaa-sanctions USA Basketball

Sometime next month the NCAA is expected to issue sanctions to at least six schools that committed Level I violations.

Level I violations are considered the most serious, so those sanctions could range from a postseason ban to loss of scholarships to show-cause penalties.

The Arizona Wildcats, who are under NCAA investigation and saw former assistant coach Book Richardson sentenced to three months in prison for accepting bribes, are thought to be one of the schools in danger of having the hammer dropped on them.

Incoming four-star recruit Zeke Nnaji isn’t worried about it.

“Not at all,” he told Jacob Polacheck of while training with USA basketball in Colorado Springs. “I’ve talked with the coaches. They’ve been clear about everything. A lot that is floating around is just rumors that are trying to make us look bad. At the end of the day, I know that we’re innocent.”

That might seem like wishful thinking, but Nnaji is not alone in that belief, seeing that Arizona managed to reel in a top-3 recruiting class and two highly-coveted transfers while under NCAA investigation.

But who’s right? Folks like The Mercury News’ Jon Wilner who pegged Arizona as his “betting favorite” to be severely punished by the NCAA? Or players like Nnaji who think the Wildcats are innocent? Maybe Arizona falls somewhere in between?

Either way, it shouldn’t long before we get an answer.