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Gilbert Arenas loathes bench celebrations, used to ‘low-key hate’ on teammates

Washington Wizards v Phoenix Suns Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Three-time All-Star Gilbert Arenas played his last NBA game when he was 30 years old, unable to stick in the league once he was past his prime.

The former Arizona Wildcats standout had well-documented knee trouble, but it is also understandable why teams didn’t want him around once he could no longer produce at a high level.

Arenas infamously brought a gun into the Wizards locker room after a board game bet went wrong. He also has a very interesting view, to say the least, on what bench players should be doing during games.

Appearing on the No Chill Podcast, Arenas explained why he gets irritated when he sees bench players celebrate their teammates’ accomplishments.

“I was angry as f—k as a bench player,” Arenas said. “Like, I’m not clapping for s—t you do. I’m sorry. F—k that. I want your position. I don’t want you to do good. You miss, I’m like ‘f—k yeah. Two more misses I know I’m in. Two turnovers I know I’m in. So to sit there and celebrate and dance for them, I’m like ‘y’all don’t want to get in?’

“I was literally making sure the coach knew his flaws. ‘C’mon dude, get back on defense. Damn, he keeps getting beat. Tighten up. He keeps going left on you.’ ... You’re low-key hating on the guy in front of you.”

Brooklyn Nets forward Jared Dudley, who is often credited with being a good veteran mentor, chimed in.

“That’s a losing mentality,” he tweeted. “Don’t care how much money you make or how good a player is. If you have that mentality the basketball Gods cannot reward you! That’s why having good vets in the NBA is crucial because there are players like this. It’s a disease.”

Arenas made an estimated $140 million in salary in his NBA career, per He also only won one playoff series.