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Josh Green bulking up ahead of freshman year at Arizona

josh-green-arizona-wildcats-college-basketball-weight-labrum-shoulder-surgery Wendell Cruz-USA TODAY Sports

Arizona expecting big things from its freshman class this season, and Josh Green is doing his best to take that literally.

According to, Green has added 12 pounds of muscle to his 6-foot-6 frame since his last high school game in the spring.

“If I wanna play at the next level, the NBA, dudes like that who are in the league right now at the shooting guard position, they’re like 225-230, so I have to make sure I get stronger,” said Green, who is listed on Arizona’s online roster at 212 pounds.

Green, who had surgery to repair a torn labrum in April, said he expects to be 100 percent recovered by September.

“This year, for me, is gonna be the best year of basketball I’ve ever played,” he said. “People don’t realize I played through all the all-star games and high school games with a torn labrum, so I’m looking forward to proving a lot of people wrong.

“I just want to make sure people are ready. I’ve never been more motivated in my life.”