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Arizona target MarJon Beauchamp to skip college to train for NBA Draft

MarJon Beauchamp, one of the Arizona Wildcats’ top recruiting targets, won’t be attending the UA—or any other school, for that matter.

Beauchamp will be skipping college to train at Chameleon BX and prep for the 2021 NBA Draft instead:

Had Beauchamp gone the college route, his top three choices would have been Arizona, Alabama and Washington, per Jake Weingarten of

“I think it’s a better opportunity for me than college,” Beauchamp told 247Sports. “I think it’s better. The training, and living a pro life for the whole 12 months. I think it’ll prepare me more than college.”

”There’s not one college that can get you prepared for the NBA,” Beauchamp’s father John added. “College is for college and NBA is NBA.”

A five-star recruit, Beauchamp is the No. 24 player in the 2020 class and No. 1 player in Arizona, per 247Sports composite rankings.

The Washington native recently transferred to Dream City Christian in Glendale.