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McKale Center court undergoes (very) minor facelift

mckale-center-court-renovation-lute-bobbi-olson-three-point-line-college-basketball-miller-fbi Courtesy Arizona Athletics

No news is good news when it comes to Arizona Wildcats basketball, right? How about news you didn’t know you needed?

We interrupt this otherwise quiet period for the never-dull Wildcats program to note that the court inside McKale Center may look a little different the next time you see it, whether that be Sept. 27 for the Red-Blue intrasquad game—just over seven weeks away!—or when the regular season begins in early November.

At first glance you might not be able to tell what’s different, so here’s some help: according to @APlayersProgram, there are now two three-point lines (red is for women, blue for men) due to the NCAA moving back the men’s line, while there are now two logos signifying the court is named after Lute and Bobbi Olson.

Wait, that’s it? If you were expecting major changes, our apologies. If only they’d done something like this:

Okay, fun’s over. You can go back to anxiously awaiting what, if anything, is going to come from the NCAA’s investigation into the Wildcats.