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Arizona freshman Zeke Nnaji performs National Anthem on keyboard prior to Red-Blue Game

The Red-Blue game is always a good chance for Arizona basketball to show off its skills on the court, but this year’s game highlighted one member of the squad’s other talents as well.

Zeke Nnaji, the Wildcats’ 6-foot-11 freshman power forward from Minnesota, got the night started with a rousing keyboard performance of the National Anthem.

It was a jazzier version of the song than some might be accustomed to hearing, but Nnaji still got a massive ovation when he finished and certainly endeared himself to the Tucson crowd in the process.

He figures to play a major part in the Wildcats’ rotation this season, and if he’s anywhere near as good on floor as he is on the keyboard, Arizona could very well have a special player on its hands.