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Where does Arizona rank statistically in the Pac-12 entering conference play?

arizona-wildcats-basketball-leadership-freshmen-veterans-mannion-green-nnaji-2020-pac-12-miller Darren Yamashita-USA TODAY Sports

The Pac-12 men’s basketball season is here! The Arizona Wildcats’ conference opener vs. ASU isn’t until Saturday, but the other 10 teams begin league play Thursday.

Before those games tip off, let’s take a look at where the Wildcats rank in the Pac-12 in several statistical categories:

  • KenPom: 2nd (14th nationally)
  • Adjusted offensive efficiency: 2nd*
  • Adjusted defensive efficiency: 5th*
  • Raw offensive efficiency: 2nd
  • Raw defensive efficiency: 4th
  • Adjusted tempo: 5th*
  • Points per game: 1st
  • Opponent points per game: 5th
  • Offensive rebounding percentage: 6th
  • Defensive rebounding percentage: 7th
  • Rebounding margin: T-5th
  • Turnover percentage: 2nd
  • Opponent turnover percentage: 5th
  • Field goal percentage: 2nd
  • Opponent field goal percentage: 1st
  • 3-point percentage: 4th
  • Opponent 3-point percentage: 6th
  • 2-point percentage: 2nd
  • Opponent 2-point percentage: 1st
  • 3-point rate: 8th
  • Free throw percentage: 1st
  • Free throw rate: 6th
  • Opponent free throw rate: 12th (gotta stop fouling)

*The strength of the opponent is factored in