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Tracking the Arizona Wildcats in NBA mock drafts

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Washington v Arizona Photo by Leon Bennett/Getty Images

Congratulations to Miles Simon and Quinton Crawford who won an NBA championship with the Lakers on Sunday. Now it’s time for the offseason.

The first major event is the start of free agency on Oct. 18 followed by the NBA Draft which, for now at least, is scheduled for Nov. 18.

The Arizona Wildcats will likely have three players selected in Nico Mannion, Josh Green and Zeke Nnaji—and it’s very possible that this could be the first draft ever in which three Wildcats are selected in the first round.

Just how likely is that? Here’s where that trio falls in the latest mock drafts across the web.

Nico Mannion

Josh Green

  • CBS — 1st round, 23rd overall to Jazz
  • Tankathon — 1st round, 16th overall to Blazers
  • Yahoo! — 1st round, 24th overall to Bucks
  • Bleacher Report — 1st round, 19th overall to Nets
  • The Ringer — 1st round, 17th overall to Timberwolves
  • The Athletic big board — 29th overall
  • Sports Illustrated — 1st round, 22nd overall to Nuggets

Zeke Nnaji

  • CBS — 1st round, 30th overall to Celtics
  • Tankathon — 2nd round, 34th overall to Sixers
  • Yahoo! — 2nd round, 35th overall to Kings
  • Bleacher Report — 1st round, 23rd overall to Jazz
  • The Ringer — Not in 1st round
  • The Athletic big board — 36th overall
  • Sports Illustrated — 2nd round, 34th overall to Sixers