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Will Arizona have 3 NBA first-round draft picks for the first time? Maybe.

arizona-wildcats-basketball-leadership-freshmen-veterans-mannion-green-nnaji-2020-pac-12-miller Darren Yamashita-USA TODAY Sports

The Arizona Wildcats have produced 77 NBA draft picks during the program’s history but they have never had three of their former players selected in the first round in the same year.

That could change Wednesday when the 2020 NBA Draft, which will be held virtually due to the coronavirus pandemic, begins at 5 p.m. MST on ESPN.

One-and-dones Nico Mannion, Josh Green and Zeke Nnaji are all first-round possibilities, though some are much more likely to be selected in that range than others.

It would be a big boost for Arizona if two or three of them go in the first round, as there’s no doubt recruits across the country (and maybe even overseas) will be tuning in.

But will it actually happen? The experts think it will be close.

Here’s how mock drafts are shaping up with only hours remaining before the picks start rolling in:

Nico Mannion

Josh Green

  • SB Nation — 1st round, 18th overall (Dallas Mavericks)
  • CBS Sports — 1st round, 23rd overall (Utah Jazz)
  • Bleacher Report — 1st round, 22nd overall (Denver Nuggets)
  • Sports Illustrated — 2nd round, 31st overall (Dallas Mavericks)
  • Yahoo! — 1st round, 22nd overall (Denver Nuggets)
  • Sporting News — 1st round, 22nd overall (Denver Nuggets)

Zeke Nnaji