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Christian Koloko wins Arizona’s latest gold jersey

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christian-koloko-arizona-wildcats-review-season-2020-stats-analysis-sean-miller-project Photo by Brian Rothmuller/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Arizona’s frontcourt is its biggest strength right now.

After forward Jordan Brown took home the gold jersey in the first two weeks of practice, sophomore center Christian Koloko has taken home the third.

It’s his first time ever winning the gold jersey—the award given to the best performer in practice—and a good sign after he admitted he was “frustrated” during the pandemic because he believed it was hindering his development.

The 7-footer is listed at 225 pounds on Arizona’s recently updated roster, five pounds heavier than he was in July. He said he hopes to be 230 by the time the season begins, as well as be more of a force on offense. (We already know what he brings as a shot blocker.)

With freshman Daniel Batcho possibly out for the season, Koloko is Arizona’s lone true center on the roster and could either start there or be the first or second big off the bench alongside Ira Lee.