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Arizona women’s basketball coach Adia Barnes issues statement on national climate

arizona-wildcats-adia-barnes-womens-college-basketball-naismith-award-national-2021-aari-mcdonald Photo by Jacob Snow/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Arizona Wildcats women’s basketball coach joined a long list of college coaches who have spoken out about the current chaos in America that stemmed from the killing of George Floyd earlier this week in Minnesota, issuing the following statement on Twitter:

Over the last few days I have been overcome by so many emotions. My hear hurts. I am so sad that this is what we are facing in 2020 in America. I have had conversations with my family, close friends, current and former players, and I feel all of their anger, pain and frustration.

Now is the time for CHANGE! Enough is enough, and we are all tired of the same injustice in America. We have been dealing with systematic racism for too long, and people are dying at the hands of those that are supposed to protect and serve. Justice has been denied for far too long.

I am appalled and heartbroken at the videos that I am seeing all over the internet. It’s really sickening. I pray for all of the families that have lost loved ones.

I will always stand with our student-athletes and support them during these challenging times in the world. In this program we will be the CHANGE! We will stand up for what is right, we will listen with open hears, and support one another wherever they are.

It is my duty to unite, empower and educate women to have an effective voice to inspire change. This is much bigger than basketball, and we must all be a part of the change.

Adia Barnes

Head Arizona Women’s Basketball Coach