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Proposals announced for college basketball recruiting, offseason practice calendars

ncaa-college-basketball-recruiting-practice-calendar-proposal-2020-offseason-workouts-evaluation Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

College basketball began its offseason much earlier than normal after the coronavirus pandemic cut short the 2019-20 season in mid-March. Since then there have been no organized activities, voluntary or not, while recruiting for the sport has been almost completely virtual.

But a pair of proposals made Monday by the NCAA Division I men’s and women’s basketball oversight committees could get college hoops back to some semblance of normalcy very soon.

The committees have announced plans for how college teams can conduct workouts and hold in-person meetings between now and the start of the 2020-21 season in November, while also putting together a formal recruiting calendar for the next few months.

Student-athletes have been allowed to return to college campuses since June 1 for voluntary workouts, with the Arizona Wildcats welcoming back their first batch of 20 football players on Monday. Arizona expects to have its basketball players back on campus some time in July.

Here’s what the proposed offseason basketball practice calendar—which is expected to be voted on Wednesday—would look like for Arizona:

  • July 1-19: Voluntary virtual nonphysical activities (team meetings, individual meetings and film review, initiated by either a coach or student-athlete), enhanced in-person nonphysical activities, weight training and conditioning. Maximum of eight hours per week.
  • July 20-Aug. 24: Required summer athletic activities (weight training, conditioning, skill instruction). Maximum of eight hours per work, no more than four on skill instruction.
  • Aug. 24-Sept. 28: Out-of-season workouts (weight training, conditioning, sill instruction). Maximum of eight hours per work, no more than four on skill instruction, must have two days off per week
  • Sept. 29-Nov. 9: Preseason practice. Only 30 days of countable activities allowed during 42-day period prior to start of 2020-21 season (Nov. 10).

As for recruiting, college basketball has been in a “dead period” that currently runs through July 31. The proposed calendar—which is also set to be voted on Wednesday—would apply to August, September and October:

  • Aug. 1-31: Quiet period, in-person recruiting contacts and visits only allowed on campus
  • Aug. 15-16: Schools can send two coach to NCAA non-scholastic certified events for evaluation. Such events are normally held in April and July.
  • Aug. 22-23: Schools can send two coaches to NCAA scholastic certified events. Such events are normally held in June.
  • Sept. 1-30: In-person, off-campus recruiting contacts and evaluations are allowed during non-holiday weekdays before school and after school until 9 p.m. as well as two Sundays (Sept. 13, 27) from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Evaluations are allowed at regularly scheduled high school, prep school and junior college contests and practices, open gyms involving prospects from multiple schools and fall leagues.
  • Sept. 5-7: Evaluation period for NCAA certified non-scholastic events.
  • Sept. 19-20: Evaluation period for NCAA certified scholastic or two-year college events.
  • Sept. 12, 26: Quiet days due to standardized testing.
  • Oct. 1: Start of academic year in terms of limits on coaching contacts and evaluations with an individual prospect, limited to seven. Also start of 130 recruiting-person day limit.