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Sean Miller learning about football by playing Madden in quarantine

Yes it’s a slow news day

arizona-wildcats-sean-miller-postgame-interview-hazzard-nnaji-utah-utes-pac-12 Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Arizona basketball coach Sean Miller isn’t much of a golfer, so he has been getting his sports fix during this pandemic by playing Madden 20 with his college-aged sons.

It doesn’t sound like he’s any good.

“One thing I love about the game is...when I throw an interception I just hit restart,” Miller joked in a recent Wildcat Chat with Kevin Sumlin and other UA coaches. “So when I hear football coaches talking about it’s hard to win games when you turn the ball over, I got that one loud and clear.”

Miller’s foray into gaming has taught him some other valuable lessons about football.

“Here’s the second thing that I’ve learned,” he said. “I like to blitz on every down and you can give up some big plays by blitzing if the guys you’re playing against—my sons—are good. I mean, I’ve given up more 80-yard touchdowns in the month of May than any football coach in the history of the world.”

This isn’t a good development for Arizona basketball fans who’d like to see Miller’s teams be more aggressive on defense. (I’m joking!)

“And then the last one is, recruiting is big,” Miller said. “I love the Steelers, I can’t play with any other team. And just recently I’ve decided to switch to the 49ers because I feel like they got more speed on the day. So even in Madden, you start looking I only got J.J. (Smith) Schuster running a thing. I need more talent out there.”

Does Miller’s new affinity for speed mean Arizona will play at a faster pace this season? (Again, joking.)

“But I tell you what, I’ve enjoyed playing that game and I laugh sometimes thinking that here I am a college basketball coach and just killing time with my sons playing, how little I knew about football,” Miller said. “And it’s like that game, if you can’t kick a field goal, that’s a bad deal because if you miss a couple field goals, you’re not gonna win. But I’ve learned a lot about football during this quarantine and I just wanted to share that with you.”

We appreciate it.