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Arizona target Ben Gregg announces commitment date

Photo courtesy Oregon State Athletics

Mark your calendars for Sept. 9!

That’s the day Arizona Wildcats target Ben Gregg will announce his college decision. (It’s also his mother’s birthday.)

The four-star forward from Clackamas, Oregon is considering 17 schools, the logos of which you can see in this graphic below:

Gregg is the No. 59 player in the 2021 class and No. 2 player in Oregon. The No. 1 player in Oregon is Nathan Bittle, who the Wildcats are likely battling the Oregon Ducks for.

Gregg beat out Bittle for the Oregon Gatorade Player of the Year award after averaging 21.1 points, 9.3 rebounds and 3.3 assists during his junior season at Clackamas High School.

Gregg recently told The Oregonian that Arizona is one of the schools that contacts him the most, a persistence that could spell good things for the Wildcats in a few weeks.

“I’ve talked to one of their coaches every day,” Gregg told The Oregonian. “We’ve built a really good relationship. Sean Miller calls me two-to-three times a week. If I go there, I’ll have a really good chance of turning professional. That’s big for me—what I will do after my three-to-four years in college.”

Here’s a video of Gregg going at with Bittle: