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Check out this documentary about Arizona’s historic 1987-88 season

USC Tojans v University of Arizona Wildcat Photo by: Bernstein Associates/Getty Images

There isn’t a more important team in Arizona basketball history than the 1987-88 squad.

Sure, they didn’t bring home a national championship like the ‘97 team, but they kickstarted the most successful era of Arizona basketball by winning the program’s first Pac-10 title, making its first-ever Final Four, and turning Tucson into the basketball-crazed town it is today.

Coached by Lute Olson and led by legends like Sean Elliott, Tom Tolbert, Anthony Cook and Steve Kerr, the Wildcats went 35-3 (the most wins in school history) and 17-1 in Pac-12 play (tied for the most conference wins in school history).

If you have some time to kill and want to re-live that season, Arizona Athletics posted a 90-minute documentary on its YouTube channel, which you can watch below: