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The 2020-21 Arizona basketball pronunciation guide

arizona-wildcats-daniel-batcho-ncaa-transfer-portal-miller-fired-french-knee-injury-roster-2021 FIBA

Bookmark this page. You’re probably gonna need it.

The Arizona Wildcats added six international recruits in the 2020 cycle, and some of their names are not the easiest for us English speakers to pronounce.

Fortunately, the UA has provided the pronunciations for us.


  • Kerr Kriisa = Kerr “Kree-sah”
  • Tibet Gorener = Tibet “Gore-ner”
  • Azuolas Tubelis = “Ah-zjew-liss Too-bellus”
  • Tautvilas Tubelis = “Tote-vee-lus Too-bellus”
  • Daniel Batcho = Daniel “Bah-cho”
  • Jemarl Baker Jr. = “Jamal” Baker Jr. (people still get this wrong, so I figured I’d put it in here.
  • Dalen Terry = “Day-lin” Terry (this one is not provided by the UA, but this is how it’s pronounced, and I added it because I’ve heard people say it differently.)

The UA did not provide a pronunciation of Bennedict Mathurin’s last name, so I assume it’s pronounced exactly how it looks: Ma-thur-in.