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Sean Miller encourages Arizona fans to volunteer at UA’s COVID-19 vaccine clinic. Here’s how to apply

Photo courtesy Arizona Athletics

Before coaching the Arizona Wildcats to a win over Cal on Saturday, Sean Miller paid a visit to the COVID-19 vaccine site on the UA mall to thank the folks who have been working tirelessly to distribute 800 vaccines per day.

“It is just an amazing setup to see us have that on our campus and impact our community,” he said after the game.

The site is planning to double its distribution in the coming days but needs “a small army” of volunteers to make it happen, according to its webpage.

Miller ended his postgame press conference by getting the message out.

“I know a lot of the volunteers are working around the clock and a heartfelt thank you to them, and really just wanted to mention it because I was there and saw it and watched it, the process that they have, how organized it is,” he said. “It’s incredible and we’re all lucky to have that here at the U of A, but just wanted to encourage anybody that had any interest in being a part of that, they in fact are looking for help and looking for people.”

If you are interested in volunteering, you can find more info here and apply here. They are looking for people who can work at least three six-hour shifts.

The distribution is expected to last for at least 10-12 weeks.