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Jeff Goodman on Arizona’s dilemma with Sean Miller: ‘Do something now’

arizona-basketball-wildcats-coaching-Sean-Miller-coronavirus-ncaa-Dawkins-fbi Photo by Alika Jenner/Getty Images

Arizona’s season ended Monday, which means Sean Miller is now in the final year of his contract. That also means it’s decision time for the Wildcats, who must either extend their head coach or make a coaching change. There is no realistic middle ground.

Whatever route the school goes, Stadium and former ESPN reporter Jeff Goodman—who is an Arizona alum and well-connected in the program—said on The Field of 68 podcast that it needs to make a decision now.

“Listen, athletic director Dave Heeke, president (Robert C.) Robbins—as an Arizona alum, make a decision now. Whatever you’re going to do, make it now,” said Goodman, while sporting a throwback UA T-shirt. “If you’re going to fire Sean Miller, do it today. If you’re going to keep him, give him some sort of phony extension with basically no buyout so you can recruit. Because otherwise it’s just going to set the program back. And right now I’m speaking as an alum. It set the program back 12 years ago when Lute Olson, rest in peace, went through some health issues. Kevin O’Neill took over, Russ Pennell took over with Mike Dunlap one year. It was a mess when Sean Miller inherited it, and he got it back on track pretty quickly. But ultimately you have to make a decision, whatever you’re doing, immediately because if you do do something with Sean Miller—and I’m fine either way if you want to cut ties with Sean Miller—you can do it now. If you want to wait until the penalties come out and keep him for another year or see what happens, I’m fine with that too. ... Do something now.”

The podcast was recorded on Tuesday and it’s now Thursday. So, so far the UA has not heeded Goodman’s advice. Tick tock.