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Tommy Lloyd’s contract details released by Arizona

Photo courtesy Arizona Athletics

Tommy Lloyd is a first-time head coach, but he’s getting paid like one that’s been doing this a long time.

Arizona has released the terms of Lloyd’s 5-year contract, which will pay him $15.5 million over the life of the deal. He’s set to make $2.9 million for the 2021-22 season, with $1.8 million in base salary and $1.1 million from supplemental duties as well as compensation from IMG and Nike.

Lloyd’s first year salary is exactly what Sean Miller made in his final season. Miller, who was fired on April 7 after 12 seasons, was also set to make $2.9 million in 2021-22, the final year of his contract.

The final year of Lloyd’s contract, 2025-26, would see him earn $3.3 million.

While Lloyd’s initial deal is for five seasons, there is a clause included that adds one or two more years depending on how hard Arizona is hit by pending NCAA sanctions. If the program is given an additional postseason ban—it self-imposed one for the 2020-21 season—or has either scholarship reductions or restrictions on recruiting days or visits, the school will request the Arizona Board of Regents adds more years to the deal.

If the penalties only cover one season, Lloyd would get a sixth year at $3.4 million. If those penalties cover two or more seasons, he’d get a seventh year at $3.5 million.

Lloyd’s buyout, if he were to be terminated without cause, is 65 percent of his remaining contract. If he were to leave for another job he’d owe Arizona $5 million at any point during his first two seasons, $2.5 million if during the third year, $1.5 million during the fourth year and $1 million if during the fifth year. He also cannot coach within the Pac-12 for one year if he leaves Arizona voluntarily.