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Report: Sean Miller likely headed to NBA as assistant coach

Arizona Wildcats defeat the USC Trojans 81-72 during a NCAA basketball game

Sean Miller may be on his way to the NBA.

ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski reports that Miller is likely to accept an NBA assistant coaching position this offseason after he was dismissed by Arizona Wednesday.

Wojnarowski said at least one NBA team expressed interest in hiring Miller this past offseason.

The move, if only temporary, would make sense for Miller in a myriad of ways. For one, the 52-year old leaves Arizona under a cloud of scrutiny related to his involvement in the FBI’s 2017 probe of corruption in college basketball.

Though the NCAA’s Notice of Allegations did not implicate Miller in any pay-for-play allegations, Arizona was charged with nine violations including five Level I allegations.

Miller was charged with violating head coach control responsibility, while the athletic department was charged for lack of institutional control.

The infractions are still under consideration by the Independent Accountability Review Process. It’s possible Miller could receive a multi-year show-clause that would keep him from coaching college basketball in the near future.

By moving to an NBA assistant role, Miller would be able to rebuild his coaching reputation without the pressure of impending punishment from the IARP. Miller would also avoid the often thankless task of recruiting high school players to college.

In an assistant coaching role, Miller would be to return to the Xs and Os of basketball.

Miller’s NBA connections run deep from his three decades as a college basketball coach and his history of developing NBA players.

Where would you like to see Miller wind up as an NBA assistant coach?